Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

Sample LEROYS From Last Quarter's 102 Class

Hi guys,

To follow is a list of the topics for the LEROY samples I kept from last quarter.  If you want a copy of one of these, please e-mail me, and only do so if you are ACTUALLY going to read it--I'd rather not waste the school's copy resources and my time. :)

The American fishing industry
The Americanization of Asian food
The American Diet/Thinness craze
Appalachian cuisine
Food television

See you Monday, and stay tuned for a weekend homework alert!

Due Dates

Monday, March 14th: Composition books due

Thursday, March 17th: LEROY rough draft due

Friday, March 18th: ALL extra-credit work due

Wednesday, March 23rd: LEROY final draft due (with all the trimmings!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LEROY Handout

Research Paper 4:  LEROY! (10-12 Pages)
Due: Wednesday, March 23rd by 2 PM*
Rough draft due:

Six minimum; of which, at least one must be primary sources and at least two must be published in academic journals. You must also include at least one creative or non-traditional source, and one full-length book source.

Part 4 of the English 102 research paper is where you should put together everything you have learned about research, documentation, and research writing, via a predetermined topic of your choice. In this essay, you should address issues you haven’t engaged with yet, and you should give back some of your ideas in the spirit of academic symbiosis.

Be sure to think of your audience with this final essay: what do you want to teach them; what ideas are you trying to persuade them to believe or accept?  What have you learned?  What is your vision of food now that you have completed all these weeks of researching, reading, writing, and thinking? 

--Use in-text parenthetical source citations with page numbers
--Include a Works Cited List at the end of your paper, and a Works Consulted List too

Part 4: Writing Skills Goals: 
Avoiding plagiarism; using parenthetical source citations; citing different types of sources; preparing works cited/consulted lists; finding sources; internet sources; evaluating sources; MLA; synthesizing research findings; and constructing an effective argument

--Research Papers 2 and 3
--OWL reading assignments, and applicable course packet readings

* No exceptions!